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Together, they attempt to leave Japan but are enticed back by the prospect of defeating Suitengu once and for all.The plan, however, ends up being a trap set up by Prime Minister Kamiya, Seiji Ochiai and other Cabinet members as a way to control Suitengu and take control over the club.In addition, Zac found the storyline to be "totally silly" and strange though it was possibly very entertaining because of its uniqueness.Compared to the Japanese release, Theron Martin greatly preferred the English dubs, noting that "the English dialogue has more punch and better flow than the drier and sometimes awkwardly-worded Japanese." Tasha Robinson of Sci Fi Weekly found Speed Grapher to have a "rich feel that's mirrored in the lovely visuals" and a complicated storyline.The manga series was then licensed to Chuang Yi, who released the three volumes in English and Chinese in Singapore, and later to Tokyopop, who released the first two volumes in North America in September and December 2008.A light novel was also created and was written by Minoru Niki.The world collapses into a financial crisis, but Saiga and Kagura finally reunite, no longer under threat of attack.

He then took away Kagura from Saiga by promising not to kill Saiga if Kagura comes with him willingly.

Saiga and his policewoman friend Hibari Ginza make one final attack on Suitengu's stronghold - the main building of Tennōzu Group.

In addition, a group of politicians from around the world fire missiles at Tokyo to kill Suitengu.

The story was influenced by the Japanese economic scenario in which there were several cases of suicides.

He noted these cases must have been caused by the fact that in our society "financial fortune is equated with success and is expected to lead to happiness".

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